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Ours is a tale that can be found in all families throughout the world. Names lost through marriage, forgotten and resigned to history. Sinfoil & Slater were the maiden names of two incredible women who shaped our family and whose names have been lost from our family tree. Now, Sinfoil & Slater represents everything that we hold dear to our hearts and our values of quality and tradition.

We have been in business for over 20 years and throughout our time we have experienced all that country life has to offer. From the simple joys of walking a family dog, to the thrills of game shooting and everything in between. It is with this knowledge and experience that we have every confidence in being able to deliver technically superior clothing and footwear to our ever increasing followers.

Our company is built around strong family values and we extend that invitation to you. Be a part of our family and join us on our pursuit of the perfect country outfit.

Sinfoil & Slater is the culmination of several years of hard work. Originally established as a side project by our sister company in 2017, Sinfoil & Slater was simply known as “Pop-Up Shop”.

Before long it was evident that our temporary project had a long-term future and the decision was made to re-brand the retail division of our business and create a permanent home for the newly named Sinfoil & Slater. We have always been a family run business and it was only fitting that we used the names of the people who made it possible.

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